Thursday, March 31, 2011

Her Own Personal Monster

Overheard at a swimming pool during Spring Break...

Mom:  "Stop carrying your sister around on your back.  She can swim on her own."

Brunette Twin:  "But she's tired.  I can carry her.  I'm strong."

Mom:  "If she's that tired, she should get out of the pool."

Brunette Twin:  "It's okay.  I like it."

Mom:  "Every time she doesn't want to do something, you do it for her.  You need to stop giving in to her.  You are creating a monster"

Brunette Twin:  "But she's my little monster."


Julie said...

LOVE it! I've been thinking about the "creating a monster" thing myself about my youngest. She has a number of older siblings that'd give just about anything they had for her. Yup. She's gonna be a monster. Ugh!

Jacque said...

Awww I love those sister moments :) we only seem to have them now when we're on vacation as my girls are both teenage princesses and don't care for each mother nearly as much as I would like. I dearly remember those moments when they were little :)

Rachel said...

Funny!! :)