Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bed Books

Sometimes I don't know how the girls fit into their beds.  Between the critters, dolls, and themselves, I'm always sure there isn't room for anything else.  Even though we limit the critters, somehow they continue to multiply on the girls' beds.

Recently the girls have started hiding books in their pillowcases.  They put them on the bottom so their heads aren't on the books.  At first it was just the brunette twin.  She's moved from being a reluctant reader to an avid reader.  When I first discovered a book in her pillowcase, she asked me not to tell Daddy or Sissy.  She said, "Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and read."

Of course, I know this isn't really true.  She sleeps like a rock.  It's not her fault that she has to wake up so early in the morning.  On her own, the brunette twin would sleep until Noon every day.

Recently the blond twin started hiding books in her pillowcase.  I guess the secret is out, although they still think Daddy doesn't know about the books.  I don't have the heart to tell them that Daddy knows. 

The other night we heard a loud thud from their room.  My husband ran upstairs thinking that one of the girls fell out of her bed.  It turned out that the brunette twin hid a children's dictionary in her bed.  It fell on the floor, made a really loud noise and neither girl woke up.

I walked into their room this morning and the blond twin was reading a book in bed.  I wanted to tell her to stop, put on her glasses, turn on some lights, etc.  Instead I started thinking about putting a flashlight in their room.  Reading a book under the covers with a flashlight is a childhood tradition, isn't it?  If she wants to read, I think we should make it as fun as possible.

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