Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beautiful but High Maintenance

Someone asked me to describe Oreo.  I said, "If he was a someone you were dating, I'd say that he's beautiful, but high maintenance." 

The dog is really beautiful with his icy-blue eyes and black and white coat.  He has that young bounce when he walks.  Strangers tell me how pretty he is.  Just as twins fascinate people, we've found that Huskies fascinate people. 

Huskies are not for the hands-off dog-owner, though.  He's really high maintenance.  He requires a lot of attention.  He requires a lot of exercise.  He's not the kind of dog that can entertain himself.  He has to be right next to you at all times.  When I work, he's right behind my chair.  I cannot get away from my desk until he moves.  He wants to make sure that if you are doing something, he's part of it. 

Why is he worth it?  Mostly because he's a really sweet dog.  He's completely loyal to us -- okay the girls first and then the adults in the house. 

Are we glad he's part of the family?  Yes.  It has taken a while, but he's fully enmeshed into the routine of our house.  He's our dog now.

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