Thursday, March 17, 2011

Back to One Bed

When the girls were little, people had loads of advice for us.  A lot of it focused on the equipment we'd need for twins.  We didn't take all the advice, as you would expect.  Where would we put two of everything?  Most of the time we had just one item and we switched the girls from place to place.

After they first came home, we put them in the same crib.  They stayed together until they were so big they would wake up each other just by moving.  We moved them to two cribs, but side by side.  They would wake up and play in their cribs until we came to feed them.

The girls graduated to twin beds that were in the same room.  They happily slept across from each other. 

During the past year, the girls discovered that if they worked together, they were strong enough to rearrange their room by themselves.  We'd hear furniture moving and just wait to be called to see their latest arrangement.  They never tried to move the dresser, just the beds, rocking chair, toys, etc.

Their favorite arrangement seems to be putting their beds together so it's like one king-size bed.  They like sleeping next to each other so they can whisper secrets before they fall asleep.  The past couple of nights they've moved to a new arrangement.  They both sleep in one of the twin beds.  They haven't rearranged the beds.  They just moved themselves onto one of the twin beds.  The other bed gets their critters and dolls.

I know it's only temporary.  The blond twin loves sleeping with her sister, but sooner or later the brunette twin is going to want her own space back.  Still, there's something sweet about them sleeping together.  It reminds me of those first days when we thought things were so crazy and uncertain. 


Noelle said...

That is really sweet. It must be amazing to be mom to twins.

Jacque said...

Twins are amazing! My best friend's twins are 8 now, and I just love when she posts pics of them holding hands or sleeping on the is truly a bond like no other!

Kim Moldofsky said...

Oh, that is sweet. We just got back from vacation where the boys had to share a bed at night. I was shocked to wake up one morning and see them *almost* snuggled together. I couldn't resist taking a picture. At 10 and 12, there' more fighting between them than anything.