Wednesday, March 9, 2011

All Four with Four Eyes

The brunette twin didn't pass the in-school eye screening.  The health aid sent home a note saying she couldn't read the last two lines.  This upset her greatly.  She took great pride in being the only one in the family without glasses.

Yesterday she was playing with her sister's glasses when she said, "You know nothing is blurry anymore."  She immediately had my attention.  We talked about what was blurry and how much better everything looked when she wore her sister's glasses. 

This morning, the brunette twin decided to wear one pair of her sister's glasses to school all day.  The blond twin has two pairs, so they were "matching twinies" as they like to say.  The blond twin's prescription is very mild; she can see without her glasses.  Her glasses "clean up the edges" as her optometrist likes to say.

The blond twin -- a child who treats her glasses like disposable silverware -- spent quite a while explaining to her sister the best way to take care of eyeglasses.  She talked to her about when to wear them (reading, playing piano, doing math) and when not to (in gym class, running around on the playground).  She showed her sister how to clean them (water and a soft towel).  It was really impressive.  She doesn't do any of these things, but she was very interested in making sure her sister knew the rules.

Tomorrow night we take the girls to get a real eye exam.  We know the brunette twin will need glasses.  At first I thought she'd fight us about it.  Now I think she'll be happy to pick out her own glasses. 

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Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Good luck. It's such a change for them. Hope it goes well!