Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Valley Girls have Landed

***Originally posted to the Chicago Moms***

When I step outside, I’m in Chicago in February. It’s cold and snowy and, well, cold and snowy. It’s February in Chicago after all. Somehow when I come into my house, I’m suddenly in the Valley where California girls reign supreme and “like” is used every other word.

I’m not sure when, how or why, but somehow I’ve lost my darling first-graders and gained two full-blown Valley Girls. Every other word is “like” when they speak. It is worse when they come home from school. For some reason it’s the way to speak in their first grade class.

It drives my husband and me crazy. We spend all weekend deprogramming the girls. We point out every “like” with some subtle statement such as “How many times are you going to say “like” in this sentence?” We work hard not to use the word “like” if possible.

In fact, I go out of my way not to say like. If you ask me about something — say a food or book or song — I’ll say, “I’m enjoying it or It’s good.” I never “like” anything anymore.

As if “like” isn’t enough, suddenly they are playing dress-up with all their clothes and mine. They spend their time pretending to take photos on their play mobile phones and texting their friends. They fix their hair in different styles and discuss pretend boyfriends.

Sometimes I’m taken aback by how grown-up they sound. I wonder if they get it from their older cousins, put it all together from the books they read and shows they watch.

Even though it’s nice to think about spending time in the warm, sunny Valley at this time of the year, I’m always glad when they revert back to my adorable first-graders. I could use some time in the sun, but I’m not ready for them to really be old enough to qualify as Valley Girls just yet.

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Noelle said...

I feel you! Can we sit on our girls and see if that stops them from growing...just for a little while :) I am so glad that my kindergartner still watches WonderPets and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I dread the day she routinely wants to watch iCarly!