Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Together Again

For months the girls talked about being in separate classes for second grade. They discussed all the possibilities and decided they wanted to be in their own classrooms next year.  I talked to their teacher, who supported whatever decision they made.  This was important to us since she saw them all day. 

I was all set to email their new principal with their request to be apart next year.  When we asked them one more time, the plan completely changed.  They started crying at the thought of being separated.  They started hanging on each other and pledging to never be apart. 

I found it all a bit odd since one thing their current teacher stressed was that they rarely even speak to each other in class.  They played with other kids, ate with other kids and worked with other kids.  It wasn't that she separated them.  They just naturally drifted to other kids.  Still, they wanted to be in the same class again.  They lobbied for more than a week before I emailed their new principal.

In the end we asked her to keep the girls together.  There were a lot of factors besides their behavior.  They will be moving to a new school next year.  I think the separation is coming soon, so I decided to volunteer to be their room mom next year.  Also, their current teacher stressed the importance of keeping them in the advanced classes.  It will be easier for us to track their classroom differentiation if they are in the same class.

We're comfortable with the decision to keep them together for second grade.  Now we don't have to worry about it again until we discuss third grade. 


Noelle said...

I would imagine the whole point of separating them is so they can grow as individuals. It sounds like they're doing a great job on their own!

Cottongirl7 said...

Humm, thats a hard one. As a teacher and a mom of twins I think it really depends on the kids. Some twins I've found need to be in different classes in order to find who they are without having to be different from their sibling, while others do well together. I won't be surprised if next year they are ready to try out differnt classes. Good luck! Sounds like your girls are doing well.

Kim Moldofsky said...

Interesting. I hadn't thought about keeping them together for reasons of academic challenge. I'm a bit believer in ability grouping and that kids ahead of the curve should be grouped in a class with (ideally) at least another 3-5 such kids. In a small school, it could be hard to separate them for purely academic reasong.