Sunday, February 13, 2011

Partners in Grime

The girls have an amazing ability to get dirty.  I mean really, really filthy dirty.  Even when you don't think they are doing anything to get so dirty, they end up filthy.

Usually they shower several times a week.  I try to do it early enough that their hair can air dry.  There's not much I enjoy less than trying to blow dry their hair.  I love how long and beautiful their hair is, as long as I don't have to blow dry it.  It becomes a bit of a logistical challenge some days as it takes the brunette twin's hair about three hours to dry completely. 

As if by magic, their school health aid gave me the best reason not to wash their hair as often -- for the ickiest of reasons.  Last fall a child in their class had lice.  The school did a good job of keeping all the parents informed.  They also checked each child for nits.  The girls didn't have nits, which was a relief. 

I called the school health aid to ask her how to prevent them from catching lice.  She said, "Lice really like clean hair.  If you put a little oil or conditioner in their hair after washing it that will help keep the lice away.  Also, don't wash their hair more than once a week.  Lice don't like dirty hair."

This is my new mission.  I have to keep the girls clean without washing their hair.  It's much easier than it sounds.  Not washing to their hair more than twice a week saves me several hours of work.  Without even realizing it, the school health aid gave me back some time.

Now I look at their grime in a whole new light.  Most of it washes away each night.  The hair, though, needs a bit of grime.  It's one of those crazy things I couldn't have imagined before becoming a parent.


Anonymous said...

Ugh I got lice in second grade and it was awful! My mom had to comb out my hair with horrible stuff several times, and we had to bag up all my clothes and toys for months. Leave em dirty!

Liz Sacks said...

I only wash my kids hair once a week, because of the same reason! I work at a local daycare, and we've had lice run through several times. my kids have never gotten it there, Thank God! Guess it works! It really is the little things in parenting!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Also, if they aren't using product in their hair it won't have any real build-up so it's not really "dirty." I find that my hair does best on a 2-3 day washing cycle. And I HATE drying my own hair, too.