Friday, February 4, 2011

One Happy Dog

The creature most happy about all this snow is Oreo.  He is just uncontrollable when we walk him.  It's not that he's pulling on the leash any more than usual (he's better, but not great about that yet).  It's that he cannot figure out where to focus.

A big snow pile?  He has to climb it.  Chunks of snow?  His new toys.  A snow blower?  He has to stop and watch.  He's a happy, happy dog right now.

We had him on the tie-up while we shovelled Wednesday.  He ran from snow pile to snow pile just so excited.  He couldn't figure out where to go first.  The girls shovelled snow and threw it on his back.  He jumped around trying to bite the snow off his back.  His tail wagged the whole time. 

Yesterday we were walking when he dragged my arm nearly behind my back.  He found a huge chunk of snow that fell from a snow pile he was walking on.  He batted the snow chunk around for a few minutes like it was a tennis ball.  When he was tired of it, he just smashed it and started climbing the next snow pile.  It makes walks more entertaining, even if it means I have to really pay attention to what he is doing.

The best part is he's tired when he gets home.  I always wondered what it would take to wear out Oreo and now we know. 


Julie K said...

Some dogs just love snow... fun to watch the sheer delight. We have a dog who runs out and plants his face in the snow whenever he can. We should rename him "face full of snow" during the winter months.

Kim Moldofsky said...

How cute; he sounds like a toddler in every way.