Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A New Interest in Piano Lessons

The girls are a few months into their piano lessons.  At the last lesson, their teacher said, "So, are they getting frustrated yet?  At this point most of my new students want to quit because they are frustrated at how long it takes to learn to play."

I said, "No."  The blond twin immediately jumped in and said, "Sissy is frustrated a lot."

Funny, I listen to them practice twice a day and I never picked up on that. 

A few hours later we went to the Justin Bieber movie "Never Say Never."  Near the end of the movie, he's in Madison Square Garden and he sits down to play piano.

The brunette twin was mesmerized.  She whispered, "I didn't know Justin played piano."

Of course, now she's driven to play piano.  She wants to play on stage in Madison Square Garden.  As Justin would say, "Never say never." 

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