Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just Another Snow Day

The snowstorm and blizzard now ranks as the third worst in Chicago history.  (A snowstorm and a blizzard are two different things by the way.)  The girls have another day off school.  I am thrilled. 

It's bitter cold now (-20 windchill).  Our streets are drivable, but only one car at a time.  There's ice on the streets.  Our bus stop is buried under a five foot snow drift.  Later today we're going to go over and try to dig out a space so we're not standing in the street while we wait for the school bus.

All-in-all I'd rather just stay home today.  A surprising number of parents complained that the school district called another snow day, but not me.  I'll take better-safe-than-sorry any day.

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noelle said...

Ditto...I love days off from school whatever the reason.

We didn't get hit with that snowstorm/blizzard here in Utah but we did have biting cold and crazy wind that made it even worse. I don't know how you Chicagoans do it! I was helping my daughter buckle her seatbelt and it literally felt like someone was biting my butt out, lol.

Stay warm and safe!

P.S. Thanks for the Creative Circle tip!