Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Have to Take Care of the Dog

My husband is often frustrated with Oreo.  The dog is a handful sometimes and on some days he just seems to run our lives between walks and feeding times.  Oreo has one advantage I don't think my husband fully appreciated until recently.

Oreo gets my husband out of doing some of the things he doesn't want to do.  This weekend, he'll really appreciate the need to stay home and take care of the dog. 

I am taking the girls to see the Justin Bieber movie.  If we didn't have Oreo, Daddy would have to come up with a more elaborate excuse to skip the fun.  The girls would just expect Daddy to join us.  After all, who doesn't want to see Justin in 3-D?

Now it's easy.  Daddy will just say, "I have to stay home and take care of Oreo."  It will be rough, but Daddy will stay home from the movie, watch college basketball and wait for his girls to come home.  They will completely understand and appreciate his sacrifice. 

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Cottongirl7 said...

Your husband should be giving that dog a steak! :)