Friday, February 11, 2011

Cold, Cold, Cold

Yesterday was brutally cold.  We woke up to a wind chill of -20 and a cold house.  

I spent most of Wednesday evening into Thursday morning freezing.  I was so cold.  I woke up in the middle of the night and layered clothes over my pajamas.  I turned up our heated mattress pad.  I still shivered.  I was certain I was getting sick.  What else could explain how cold I was? 

When the girls started complaining about how cold they were, I explained that it was dangerously cold outside.  They put their robes and slippers over their clothes and headed down to play. 

We came downstairs and I stared at the thermostat.  It blinked 65 degrees.  Until that moment, it never ocurred to me that our new furnace wasn't working.  While I tried to move it from "hold" to "run program" the temperature dropped to 63 degrees.  I turned on our family room fireplace and cranked the fan up as high as possible. 

When I talked to our furnace man, he said, "Is there ice on the exhaust pipes?"  I replied, "Huh?"

It turns out that our fancy, high-tech, expensive furnace has an automatic shut-off feature.  If anything blocks the exhaust pipes such as ice or snow, the furnace turns off to prevent the carbon monoxide from building up in the house.  He probably told us about it when he installed the furnace, but that was September.  I heard a lot about the fancy furnace back in September.

It's a great life-saving feature.  It's great to know that our new furnace can help keep us safe.  I just wish we had realized it before we were faced with falling indoor temperatures and a -20 wind howling around our house. 

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