Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter Dog Walking in Style

When we brought Oreo home, people said, "Wait until it's cold and snowy.  You'll regret getting a dog then."  Well, they were wrong.  Here's the thing about winter that most Chicagoans understand.  It's supposed to be cold and snowy.  And, because we live here, we have our own fashion sense when it comes to keeping warm.

I always figure warmth beats fashion any day when it comes to winter clothes.  This is especially true when I'm walking Oreo.  I have a look that others wouldn't dare to try.  It's not going to get me into a fashion magazine, but I'm warm.  Here's how you can steal my look.

Start with long underwear. 
Layer on a long sleeve shirt and jeans

Put a hoodie over the long sleeve shirt

Put the hood on your head

Add ear muffs on top of the hood

Tie a scarf around your neck

Add a coat. 
*I alternate between a long wool coat and Tom's ski jacket.  I'm particularly fond of the ski jacket because it is really bright pink, purple and white. You can see me a block away.  The wide white stripe is really great at night.  Any headlight that shines near me will see me in that coat.  Plus, the sleeves are really long.  I can put my hand with the dog leash in the sleeve, further reducing my wind exposure.

Zip up the fleece lined boots
*On icy days, I add the slip on cleats to keep from falling. 

Put on your gloves
*Thinsulate is the best thing to keep your hands warm.

Now you are ready to walk out the door.  Yes, I know that right now you're thinking it's a great look.  You are right.  For an added fashion bonus, I have different color ear muffs I borrow from the girls.  There's nothing better than the brunette twin's winter white, sparkly ear muffs over my dark blue hoodie.

Unfortunately, the girls don't have my awesome fashion sense.  They do seem to tolerate my winter look though.  As long as they don't have to go out with me to walk the dog, they don't care what I wear.

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