Thursday, January 6, 2011

Where's My Crystal Ball?

We spent an hour with the blond twin's ENT tonight.  We made the appointment after she had her second ear infection in December.  The pediatrician who treated her for the second ear infection said, "You need to see the ENT."

We already made the appointment before seeing the pediatrician.  We knew two ear infections in one month was a bad sign.  We were headed down the same path as last year where she had an ear infection, recovered and had another one a week or two later.

It seemed so easy.  We were ready to schedule surgery to have tubes put into her ears.  It just seemed like the right thing to do to save her from another season of the ear infection/antibiotic merry-go-round.

Of course, we didn't leave with any resolution.  It turns out that putting ear tubes into an older child is much more complicated than putting tubes into an infant or toddler. Things we do all summer, like swimming, can actually cause ear infections in children with ear tubes.  Given the amount of time we spend in a pool, it's a real concern that we might be shifting the ear infections from winter to summer.  There are other complications to consider as well.

We're not feeling good about any of our options.  On the one hand we just wait and see if she ends up with multiple ear infections this winter.  On the other hand, she ends up with ear tubes and complications like a summer of avoiding the pool or ongoing ear infections.

Neither option makes up feel good right now.  We wanted to walk out with a plan, but we just ended up more confused. 


Julie K said...

Not great choices, but would she wear earplugs in the summer? I've also seen kids wear earplugs and and ear cover (looks like an ear band). Check out Macks Ear Band Swimming Headband

Cottongirl7 said...

Yikes! Rotten choices all around. I hate when their is no clear cut solution!

Kim Moldofsky said...

Ugh, that sounds tough. I know one of my nieces used to wear earplugs all summer long, but seems to have since outgrown them. Good luck making a decision.