Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our Snow Dog

On our Christmas card this year we put "We're ready for sledding."  We wrote it on the assumption that people would see Oreo's photo and understand that he's a Husky. What do Huskies do?  They pull sleds.

We picked up a copy of the movie Snow Dogs at the Friends of the Library book store.  It's about a Miami dentist who ends up in Alaska with a pack of Huskies.  We're watching it now.  Who is enjoying it the most?  Oreo.

We're spending half the time watching the movie and half the time watching him watch the movie. The dog is sitting a few feet from the television just staring. He isn't moving.  Whenever the other dogs are on TV, he jumps to attention.  It's really funny to watch.  It's as if he actually knows what is going on in the movie. 

When we have family movie nights the girls pick the movie.  Oreo never really paid attention to any of the other movies, so this is a new adventure for all of us.  Now that Oreo has a clear favorite, I wonder if he'll have a voice in the movie choice.

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