Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Myth Dog Owners Tell

When the girls were little and waking up every two hours, twenty-four hours a day, people would say,"It gets better once they start sleeping through the night.  You just have a couple more months to go and they'll be sleeping through the night."

I always thought this was just one of those myths experienced parents tell new parents so we'll survive the first year.  During the first few months, nothing was more enticing than the thought of an uninterrupted night of sleep. 

Eventually they did start sleeping through the night, just as everyone said. 

A woman at church said something that gave me a flashback to those days when I would dream about sleeping through the night.  We were talking about how active Oreo is and she said, "I remember when our dog was like that.  Then he hit two and a half and boom.  Now he just sleeps all day."

I think this is the new dog owner's version of telling new parents that one day their children will sleep through the night.  It's not that I want Oreo to sleep all day.  It's just that I would like to see some sign that after a two mile walk he's at least well-exercised.  Right now he starts running around the house like a crazy dog immediately after being let off the leash.  It's like he just woke up and needs some exercise, rather than just returned from a two mile walk.

She's not the only one who has told me that one day Oreo will be a fully mature dog who is more mellow and less active.  I'm just not sure I believe anyone who tells me that right now. 

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Julie K said...

It's true. What you have to watch is when they do slow down that they don't put on too much weight. It's sneaky... you don't notice it, then you've got to put your dog on a diet. It may be that they are less active, but there's always something (cleaning throw up, cleaning poop stains or accidents, or whatever). They keep you on your toes!