Saturday, January 1, 2011

My 2011 Resolution

I'm not big on resolutions, so I only have one for 2011.  I will laugh more at the girls' antics in 2011.  This comes from two places.

The first is I make a common error among parents with high-achieving children.  All the books I've read talk about how parents need to remember that their children are only as old as their age.  This means that even though the girls excel at advanced language arts and social studies, they are still only seven years old.  They will make the same mistakes and be the same emotional age as most seven-year-olds.  They have the same fears, feelings and issues as other seven-year-olds.

Related to this is the idea that they are tall, but they are still seven.  Nearly everyone who meets the girls for the first time asks if they are in third grade.  It's their height that throws off people.  No one has ever looked at them and said, "What cute first graders."  This is related to the first issue.  Just because they are tall doesn't mean they are more mature than other first graders.  We have been told that they act older than they are by several teachers.  I have to remember just because they act older in certain situations doesn't meant they are older.

So, for 2011, I resolve to remember that the girls' are just your average seven-year-old children and laugh at them more than I get mad at them.  The more I remember that they are just seven, the more I hope to laugh at what they do.

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