Monday, January 17, 2011

Let's Surprise Daddy

Let's surprise Daddy are magic words in this house.  I can get the girls to do anything if they think it's a surprise for Daddy.  In the past week I've convinced them to that Daddy would think it's a good surprise if they set the table for dinner, help me change their sheets and clean up their toys. 

Let's surprise Daddy works because they adore Daddy.  They would do anything to make Daddy happy.  It also works because they like to be in on the surprise.  They want to be part of the secret, even if it's only a secret they need to keep for a little while. 

Sometimes they come up with their own surprises.  Everything from changing into their pajamas while Daddy watches the end of a game to making coffee while Daddy is walking the dog generates the same excitement for them.

The best part for them is when Daddy reacts with complete surprise.  Sometimes a little birdy whispers in his ear so he reacts appropriately.  Sometimes they tell him as soon as he walks through the door because they are just bursting with excitement.

As long as Daddy reacts with some excitement, it encourages "let's surprise Daddy."  I'm happy because I don't have to yell at them to get stuff done.  Daddy is happy because they are so excited.  They are happy because they get to surprise Daddy.  It's all good for as long as we can make it work.


Michael said...

That's so adorable! You keep it up.

noelle said...

Girls and their daddies. Enough said :)