Sunday, January 30, 2011

Late Night Telephone Panic

Nothing good comes from a phone call after 10:00 p.m.  I learned this the hard way from all the middle of the night phone calls about emergencies my grandparents were having. 

Usually the call resulted in someone throwing on clothes and heading to the hospital.  In the weeks before my parental grandfather died, we'd get calls in the middle of the night regularly.  I can remember my parents going to the hospital and coming home several hours later only to get ready for work.  Ever since then, I assume a late-night phone call brings bad news. 

With my Dad still in the hospital, I'm on edge whenever the phone rings.  A few nights ago, it rang about midnight.  I silently swore and started thinking about the easiest clothing to throw on and the best route to get to the hospital.  It turned out to be a call from my husband's office.  There was a production problem that needed his assistance.

He went downstairs to deal with the problem.  I stayed in bed trying to get back to sleep, knowing that the next late night phone call might not be so easy to forget.

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