Friday, January 14, 2011

He Won't Bite You

In the three months we've had Oreo, we've learned a lot about him.  When we first adopted him, I wouldn't let anyone near him.  He's big enough to hurt someone without meaning it, and I wasn't sure if he was a biter. 

One thing I'm pretty comfortable saying now is that Oreo will not bite you.  When strangers come up and ask if they can pet him, I almost always say yes these days.  I don't worry that he's going to bite their hands or attack them.

Will he hurt them?  Possibly.  He's still a puppy, so he gets really excited when people play with him.  He's a bit clumsy, so he runs into people when they try to pet him.  He tends to jump still, although he's getting much better.  The biggest concern is still when he's around little people -- or as I like to remind the girls "Anyone Gramma's height or smaller." 

Last week the girls had friends over and they all played with Oreo.  He was pretty good, but he kept running over one of their friends.  She's only four years old, so she's still pretty small.  She would run and then come to a sudden stop.  He doesn't react quickly.  He'd keep running and run her down.  We quickly put an end to running around with the dog. 

We also know he will protect the girls -- even from us.  Yesterday they were completely ignoring me (shocking, I know) so I yelled at them.  He started barking and came between me and the girls.  If he thinks you are going to hurt his girls, all bets are off. 

Knowing that he won't bite strangers is a big relief.  I'm not saying he'll never bite anyone, but I feel comfortable enough that when a stranger looks frightened at the site of Oreo, I will say, "He won't bite you."  Of course, I say it as I'm walking the dog right by the person.  I'm confident, not crazy.

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