Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Grown-ups Don't Think Kids Can Do Anything

The brunette twin is full of attitude lately.  She was sitting in church watching the acolytes when she asked if she could be an acolyte.  I told her she could when she was a little older.  She said, "I could do it now.  It's not fair.  Grown-ups don't think kids can do anything, but we can.  We could do a lot of stuff if you'd let us."

Wow!  Talk about being put in your place.  I told her I thought she could be an acolyte starting in the fall.  This made her happy.

I asked her what she meant when she said grown-ups don't let kids do anything.  She gave me five or six examples of things that happened where adults told her she was too young or little to do something.  I thought that the adults were right in only one or two cases.  I thought she was right in most cases.  I'd bet that given a little direction and some practice, she could have done the things on her list.

So I made her a promise.  I'd try to remember that she was a big girl and let her do more things.  She promised to tell me when she thought she could do something, even when I tell her I think she's too young or little to do something.

I see big changes in my perspective.  My babies are growing up and I need to remember that they are more capable that I'd like to believe. 

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