Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Who Has Time for Holiday Entertaining?

This was originally posted to The Chicago Moms.

A girlfriend called to say she was reading a leading magazine and was frustrated with all the stories about how to throw the perfect holiday party. She said, “Who are these women and how do they have enough time to throw the perfect party every year?”

I know what she means. I stopped looking at November and December issues of the women’s magazine years ago. I find all the “perfect Thanksgiving” and “host the most wonderful holiday open house” stories a little depressing.

Between the holiday activities for the school, Girl Scouts, library, church and community center, we’re lucky we can find time on the calendar to decorate, shop, wrap gifts, send cards and see the relatives. Host a big Christmas party for dozens of family and friends? I don’t know where it would fit on the calendar.

First we’d have to find an open weekend date. We haven’t had a “do nothing” weekend date since before Halloween. Even if we could find an open date, then we’d have to find time to organize a party. I realize we could outsource most of it, but we cannot outsource all of it. Finally, we’d have to have the party. Given that our friends and family have calendars that look like ours, I don’t know how they’d find time to attend.

Would it be fun? I’m sure it would. Every time we all get together it’s fun.

Still, I think it would be more fun if we had the party in January or February or March — after the holiday activities have slowed down. party when weekend dates are a bit more available and the winter doldrums set in seems like the way to go. We’ll bring family and friends together at a time when we could all use a party. I see a Super Bowl Tailgate or March Madness Open House in our future. Who knows? Maybe we’ll do both.

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Noelle said...

We don't have family living nearby so every year I throw a Christmas party for friends so my daughter has an opportunity to celebrate with people who are dear to us. It's exhausting though. But mostly because right on the heels of Christmas I have her birthday party. I tried to get her to switch birthdays with me (summer) but she's not going for it yet :)