Thursday, December 9, 2010

Twelve Down

The girls have so much stuff it's hard to control it.  We have very generous friends who pass down all the toys their children have outgrown.  We have very generous relatives who spoil the girls.  This results in way too much stuff in our house.

Usually I require the girls participate whenever I clean out their stuff.  I want them to understand that when some stuff comes in, some stuff needs to go out. 

Three weeks ago, I decided I had spent enough time trying to get the girls to clean up their stuffed animals.  I went into their room while they were in school and reassigned a dozen stuffed animals.  By the time they got home, everything was done.

In the days that have gone by since then, the girls haven't even noticed that the stuffed animals are gone.  We always say they have so much stuff that they wouldn't know if anything was missing.  Now we know it's true.


Julie K said...

I've tried to clean out toys and/or stuffed animals without my son around too (usually putting things away in the basement to pass along to relatives with small children)... he will remember 1 out of 5 items and start looking for it. I’ll typically pull it from the back if he didn’t know I swiped it. Although he doesn’t want to give up too much, we work together to clean out before his birthday and Christmas explaining we need to make room for new stuff. I think I do better when he’s part of the decision making. Like you, we are overrun with stuffed animals. Stuffed animals are on a Shelter wish list (I’ve been pulling other things out for our upcoming visit to a shelter with his cub scout pack), so I asked him to pull some out of his collection to give away to kids who don’t have so much stuff. He actually did a pretty good job, we got a grocery bag full of nearly new toys and he knows he’ll make a few kids happy by sharing his abundance. If he's wavering on whether to get rid of something or not, knowing it's going to someone who needs it more than he seems to help him let go of more.

Cottongirl7 said...

I need to do this too. The girls are only one and a half and don't really get the whole " need to make space" deal. So I need to wait till they go to sleep and make some tough decisions.