Sunday, December 26, 2010

On the Day After, She Rests

The blond twin must be exhausted now that Christmas is done.  She spent the last week making presents and cards for everyone.  She wrapped up homemade presents for each of us, using everything from colorful napkins to wrapping paper she made herself.  She wrote and illustrated Christmas cards for each of us.

She finally guilted her sister into wrapping a present for her.  The brunette twin took to candy canes off the tree and wrapped them.  She might not have put as much thought and effort into her gift, but the blond twin was thrilled to finally have a gift under the tree from her sister.

Of course, they had gifts for each other stashed in their closets, but those didn't count.  The blond twin wanted her sister to make her a gift.  I didn't see a handmade card from the brunette twin to the blond twin.  Still, the blond twin didn't seem to care.

Now the blond twin can take a break.  At least until Valentine's Day anyway.

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