Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dashing Through the Decorations

We took the train downtown last night to see the Christmas decorations.  Our "must see" list is pretty much the same from year to year at this point.  If we want to enjoy ourselves, we have to remember that the girls are still too young to drag them too many places.

We spent about three hours downtown and certainly made the best use of our time.  When we got on the train, it felt like we had just arrived.  I started feeling like we didn't spend enough time anywhere, but these are Christmas decorations.  How much time are you really going to spend admiring Chicago's Christmas tree.

In the time we were downtown, we visited Macy's to see the big tree and windows.  We wanted to eat at the Walnut Room, but the line was way too long.  We did get to see the Macy's Christmas fairy, though, so the girls were happy.  This was the third year we saw the fairy.  They didn't care if they ate at the Walnut Room, but they did care about seeing the fairy.

Once we realized we weren't eating at the Walnut Room, we set off to find another restaurant.  It was harder than you might think to find a sit down restaurant with a kid's menu, so we ended up at a burger joint.  It wasn't the Christmas dinner we imagined, but it was fun.

The German Market and Chicago Christmas tree were fun, although crowded.  There was a street performer dressed as an all-white angel who stood perfectly still.  She entertained people without moving.  The girls talked a lot about how she stood so still for so long.

We also saw the puppet bike performer.  This is a goofy thing to explain.  The person created a theater on the back of his bike.  He rides to different corners and does puppet shows.  These aren't shows with a story.  These are shows of puppets dancing to goofy songs.  It's really funny, even though it might not sound like it.  The girls just giggled.

As we waited for the train home, a little girl pointed at us and said, "Hey, they are going home too."  Another family sat across us on the way downtown.  They were headed home as well after a quick, but fun evening.

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