Sunday, November 14, 2010

We need to talk

The girls spend all day together. You'd think that they'd be talked out by the time they get to bed, but it doesn't seem to work that way. Every night they want to talk just before they go to sleep.

It's part of their bedtime ritual. After we say our prayer and before Daddy tells them it's time to go to bed, they talk.

If they misbehave during the day, the worst punishment is to say, "No talk time tonight." You'd think taking away talk time was the worst thing we could do to them.

One night I said, "What do you talk about before you go to sleep?" They giggled and replied in unison, "Twin secrets."

I just smiled and walked out of the room. I like that they want to talk to each other first thing in the morning and last thing before they go to sleep. I only hope they are always that close.

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Kim Moldofsky said...

I wish we had more of that in our house. It's a bit different with two boys. Though, sometimes they do answer me like twins, which always tickles me. I ask them a question and one will say, "Mom, you know we like X" as though they always think alike.

Enjoy these times!