Monday, November 22, 2010

My Adventure Walking Oreo

It's raining here, but at least it's warm.  It's nearly 60 degrees, which is crazy warm for late November in Chicago.  My husband is home, but I said, "I'll walk the dog in the rain tonight and you get to walk him when it's 20 below."  I thought I had the better part of that deal.  I'll take warm and rainy over bitter cold any day.

I was at the corner of our block -- about four houses away -- when it all went wrong.  Oreo went in one direction and I went in the other.  I yanked the leash only to have it come back at me -- minus Oreo.  Somehow the leash disconnected from his choker chain.  I stood there thinking I should run home and get help, but that seemed like a really bad idea.  The girls would be hysterical once I walked in the door without Oreo.  I decided to try to find him myself before running home. 

Oreo ran across the street into the neighbors' yards.  I went after him with my flashlight.  There I am walking through the unfenced yards with a flashlight calling the dog.  I kept thinking, "Well, at least if someone calls the police I'll have help looking for Oreo."

I gave up and went back out to the street.  It was one of those moments when I wished I lived in a neighborhood with lots of streetlights.  Do you know what it is like to look for a black and white dog in the dark?  Suddenly I heard his choker collar clanking against his dog tags.  He flashed by me and ran head-first into a moving car. 

The woman driving the car stopped, jumped out and started crying.  She was sure she killed Oreo.  For a moment, so was I. He was on the ground, not moving.  I kept thinking, "Crap.  I killed the dog and we don't even have a decent picture of him.  The girls won't even remember having a dog."

I just stood there for a moment contemplating my next step.  Everything flashing through my mind seemed like a really bad idea.  Suddenly, he jumped up and started running down the block.  He was stunned, but not injured.  He ran about two blocks when he cornered two young Asian women walking near an apartment complex.  Neither one spoke much English, but they were clearly frightened.  I would be too if a 50 lb. Husky was staring me down.  He wagged his tail and tried to get their attention.  I called him, but he ignored me.  A few seconds later he came to me.  I guess he figured I was better than nothing since those women were not going to play with him.

We made it home, but I was still shaking as I told my husband what happened.  He said, "Are you going to tell the girls?"  I said, "Nope.  Some day they can read about it when I turn that part of the blog into a book."


dcr said...

my favorite part of the entry: "crap, i killed the dog and we don't even have a photo..." glad oreo is okay. maybe get him a blinking light for his collar? happy thanksgiving, shari!

Julie K said...

Very scary. Did you take him to the vet? If he was that stunned, you probably should have him checked out.