Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Losing Battle

Two months into the battle, my war on the blond twin's ear infections is a complete failure.  My husband took her to the pediatrician yesterday because she was up two nights in a row crying about her right ear hurting.  Of course, she has an ear infection.

I know it's not anything we've done, but I still feel like we are failing her.  She has spent the past couple of months taking a nasal spray and an antihistamine every day.  As soon as she sniffles, she get a decongestant.  It's a lot of daily medicine for an otherwise healthy, little girl.

I used peroxide in her ears every time she showers and the minute she complains about ear pain.  She takes extra Vitamin D every day.  We have a humidifier going nightly in their room.  Now I wonder what the point of all of it was.  The pediatrician said there was really nothing else we could do.  Some kids are just prone to ear infections.  We pulled out all the stops and she still has an ear infection at the same time as usual.

The next stop is another appointment with the ENT.  I see ear tubes in her future, which might not be a bad thing at this point.  I don't really want her to go through the surgery, but I also don't want her to be on antibiotics for six months again.

It's just a losing battle.  I'd like to surrender, but for the blond twin's sake, it can never happen.


dcr said...

the surgery for ear tubes (in our experience) was far worse for the parents than for the child!! brenna was just shy of her first birthday when she got her first set of ear tubes and just past her second when she got her second set. MUCH improvement. far less pain...and antibiotics! fewer MD appts. best of luck!

One Woman's Thoughts said...

If it makes you feel any better . . . as a child I was with almost constant ear infections and tonsillitis. I remember ear drops, nasal sprays, lozenges, decongestants and anitbiotics acompanying pain and discomfort all too frequently.This went on into my early 20's.
As an adult I had outgrown all that and am feeling pretty well. Thank goodness!!!!
I do have some hearing deficiencies in both ears, but I am living a productive and happy life with digital hearing aides that are comfortable and extremely dicreet. Some of my close friends and even family were not aware I had hearing aides. I do hope this brought you some comfort. Just do the best you can. I know it is all done with love and caring. Best wishes.