Friday, November 5, 2010

Ear Infection Prevention

Last year the blond twin had an ear infection from December through March.  There were probably a few days during that time when she didn't have one, however given the 10 bottles on leftover antibiotics in our fridge, there were only a few days.  She's always had an ear infection or two each winter, but last year was completely over the top. 

Most of the time we didn't even realize she was sick.  My "Mom of the Year" moment came around Christmas when I took her for a recheck after the first course of antibiotics.  The doctor said, "Oh, now she has a double ear infection."  Huh?  We thought she was so much better.  It repeated after we returned from Florida and took her back for another recheck.  It was the same story.  She had a double ear infection.  The girl had gone on two plane rides and lots of roller coasters without complaining.

The ENT explained how a child with a double ear infection could take so much pressure change.  It turns out that a single ear infection is painful because it throws off your balance and is unbalanced in your head.  If you have a double ear infection, then you're balanced since both ear canals are full of fluid, so there's no room left for fluid to move and cause pain.  How's that for irony?  A single ear infection is more painful than a double ear infection.

A big complication is that the blond twin is allergic to certain antibiotics.  Some things that might clear up the infection would cause other problems for her, so we went on a hunt to find out how to prevent ear infections.  So far we've had her tested for allergies and taken her to the ENT.  She has new medicine she takes daily and advice from the ENT to follow.  We've added a new humidifier to their room and run it all the time to keep humidity levels appropriate. 

I've been researching other things we can all do from taking Vitamin D to not getting colds ourselves.  We easily get our five a day fruits and vegetables, but I'm still looking for ways to improve our diets to keep ourselves healthy. 

Yes, I realize I'm heading right over the edge with this.  This year I'm determined to keep that girl out of the pediatrician's office. It might make us all a little crazy, but the end results will be worth it.


Missy said...

Good for you! I hope it all works out. Even if she wasn't showing signs of illness, I have to think that fighting that infection takes a toll on a little body after a while.

Rachel said...

I can say I learned something new! I had no clue about the double being less painful than a single.

I hope you guys stay healthy this year. I know I have changed the kids juice to grape juice, it has more antioxidants and vitamin C. Been trying to feed more berries to them also.

Good luck!

Michelle said...

Boy that sounds familiar... Little Miss did her course of antibiotics for ear infections that never disappeared one year. We finally pulled dairy from her diet which helped her a ton. Who knows if that's your problem, but I feel your pain regardless! I hope you do find a solution that works for you soon!

Christina said...

I still swear by Hydrogen peroxide in the ear 2X a day for about 3 minutes at the first sign of a sinus or ear infection. John has avoided antibiotics for a year with this method.