Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dog Walking Clothes

Since the time change means it's now dark at 5:00 p.m., I realize I don't have the right clothes to walk the dog every night.  It's not that I don't have sweatshirts, coats, etc.  It's that the goes-with-everything black or blue wardrobe I own isn't really practical anymore.

We live in an area with no sidewalks and no street lights.  We have neighbors with horses in their backyards and can walk to the forest preserves.  I've written before about the wildlife we see regularly.  It's as close to rural as you can get within 20 minutes of Chicago. 

This means the black winter coat I've worn and loved for more than a decade isn't the best thing to wear while walking Oreo after his dinner.  It's probably not a good idea to wear it even in a suburb with sidewalks and street lights.  I know it's a bad idea when I'm walking on the street in the dark.

I've already adjusted his dinner time so he eats a lot earlier than he used to.  This helps a little, but it's still pitch black by the time we get walking.  I don't want the dog eating at 4:00 p.m. because I'm still working and then it's a long time for Oreo to go between meals. 

I have a few substitutions I can borrow from my husband.  He has a ski jacket with reflective stripes and a light grey sweatshirt.  I have a long, warm grey and black winter coat I can use in a pinch, but it's still pretty dark. 

What I need is a light or something else to carry with me so I can be seen in the dark.  It's probably a lot more practical than getting a new dog-walking wardrobe, especially considering how much I dislike to shop.


Julie K said...

Well... you can get a yellow reflective vest like a crossing guard (they make them for runners, motorcycle riders and dogs too!) or get a fenced in yard ;-)

Jacque said...

My neighbor's have flashing lights...I think they purchase them at a sporting store...or your girls may have some. We used to have flags that had the red flashing lights...I'd put them on our backs when we went walking and took a flashlight :)

Jacque said...

my neighbors have flashing lights they wear that I think they got at a sporting goods store. We used to wear little flag lights that we got on the 4th of July with red flashing lights and carry a flashlight. If you check in the biking section you'll probably find something or I bet the pet store has something.