Thursday, October 7, 2010

When is it too stained to wear?

Our girls can destroy clothing at an awe-inspiring rate. Last night our brunette twin dropped her dinner on the front of her shirt. Her attempts to remove the food were really quite acrobatic for someone who was seated. After we stopped laughing, we realized she created a big stain on the front of her shirt.

Stain remover and an extra wash didn’t remove the stain. I said, “Great. One more shirt in the trash.”

My husband said, “It’s not so bad. She can still wear it.”  In a way my husband was right. The shirt was fine for playing outside or wearing while making crafts. It’s a good theory that you see in many magazines. These stories talk about how children’s clothes should be sorted into different categories so your child always has something appropriate to wear. In reality, I don’t have time to keep different clothes for different reasons sorted and organized. All their clothes are good enough to wear most places. They have nicer clothes to wear to church and on holidays. Otherwise, everything else is fine to wear on any day.

Since I purchase, sort and recycle most of their clothes, I made the final decision to throw out the shirt. It was nearly too small for the girls and now it had a big stain on the front. It was an easy decision.

It’s not that I find clothing disposable, but I do have some limits. The girls have a lot of long sleeve shirts with small stains on the sleeve cuffs. I don’t mind them wearing those shirts, even though they have stains. I think most children’s clothing has stains on the cuffs. I don’t mind the occasional tiny stain on the bottom of the shirt or in some obscure place, like under the arms.

However, I draw the line at a really noticeable stain right in the middle of the front of the shirt. Sometimes it’s just too stained to wear.

This was originally posted on the Chicago Moms blog.


Cottongirl7 said...

I'm with you. I think every long sleeve shirt my girls wear has a stain on the cuff. There is also no way I am going to have part of their closet corded off for stained clothes and clean clothes and partialy stained clothes. If it's in the closet, its fair game to wear. If I'm embarrassed to see them in it, its time to go.

Noelle said...

The problem with keeping the stained clothes for art projects (which I do) is that my husband can never seem to wrap his head around the fact that we DO NOT WEAR THOSE STAINED CLOTHES OUT OF THE HOUSE! lol

Julie K said...

I don't ever throw away clothes. The better ones get handed down in the family. Others (including the he worst with holes in pant knees, stains, rips, tears) go to GAIA ( Pants with knee holes can be made into shorts, long sleeve T-shirts with stains can become short sleeve. It's all in the eye of the beholder. They strive to be a zero-waste recycler and will take the worst clothes and make rags from them (at least from the old literature that I remember).