Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Show Me State

I think the blond twin is going to grow up to be on the debate team in high school.  Everything we say become the subject of a debate in which she needs us to prove that we're right. 

In many ways, I understand that this is our fault.  I'm not big on "because I said so."  When we have time, we try to explain things to the girls so they understand why we are doing something a certain way.  We have found that if we do this a couple of times that we don't have to go into detailed explanations any more.  They just get it.

Lately, the blond twin has decided she needs to double-check everything we do or say.  When I told her I fed Oreo, she went and looked in his bowl.  When I told her she needed to wear a plaid shirt to school, she wanted to see the note from her teacher.  Before she would bring apples for snack for their Johnny Appleseed project, she asked a lot of questions about who Johnny Appleseed was and why she needed to bring apples. 

It's a constant negotiation with that girl.  She never just accepts an answer.  She always has to ask "why" or "who said" or "what do you mean."  

Some days I think I'm confused, but I don't think it's me.  I think it's her.  While most of the family lives in Illinois, it's clear that the blond twin lives in Missouri -- the show me state.


Julie K said...

Maybe ask "don't you trust me?"... but that could backfire when she's a teenager. ;-)

Cottongirl7 said...

She's just a product of good parenting. She wants to see for herself instead of being led around like a sheep. I'm sure its a bit of a pain in the neck now, but hopefully in the long run it will help her to make her own decisions instead of doing the "in" thing. Of course it could just be a phase and she might just be trying to drive you slowly insane. :)

Shirley said...

Good stuff! I enjoy taking in this type of posts.