Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oreo's Play Dates

Oreo has a busy social schedule.  The neighbors behind us have two teenagers who really want a dog.  Their parents said, "NO," so they've adopted Oreo.

It's pretty funny some days.  Last Friday, the girls were playing at one neighbor's house and Oreo was at another neighbor's.  Adam came over and said, "Can I take Oreo out for a walk and to play for a while?"

Of course I sent Oreo out with Adam.  A few minutes later, I looked out and saw several of the neighborhood boys playing with Oreo in the backyard.

When he brought Oreo back, Adam asked if he could take Oreo out again when he was off school next week.  I agreed and wrote in on the calendar.

Yes.  I now keep the dog's social calendar along side the girls'.

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