Monday, October 11, 2010

It just looks like a dog

Since we live near the forest preserves, we see a lot of wildlife.  The other day we were walking Oreo when the blond twin spotted something walking through a neighboring golf course.  It strolled across the golf greens as a few golfers stood and watched.  It plopped down under a tree, sitting up much like Oreo does when he wants to go out.

The blond twin said, "Is that a dog?"

I said, "Nope.  It's a coyote."

We stood there for a minute watching the coyote.  He never moved.  He just sat under the tree as if he was waiting for the next golfer to hit the ball.  We moved on once Oreo became really impatient. 

As we walked away, I made a mental note not to walk that way once it gets dark in the late afternoon.  It's cute to watch the coyote in golf course, but I don't wan to run into him while walking Oreo.

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Nicki said...

I agree! Over the summer when I was letting the dogs out, a coyote suddenly ran down the sidewalk, with a small animal in his mouth! To my horror, my dogs chased after him. They came right back to me, and I've been kind of nervous about letting them outside for long ever since! Usually if coyotes come out in public, it means they're hungry... although the one you talked about sounds like he was just a fan of golf!