Thursday, October 21, 2010

Anatomy of a Week

The house is clean.  There is food in the fridge.  We're ready for a new week.  The girl are happy to go to school to see their friends.  The Sunday paper is half-read. 

How are we going to get all this homework done?  How did that happen?  What are we making the girls for lunch tomorrow?  When is pizza day this week?

No, you cannot wear that to school.  What do you mean you cannot find two matching socks?  Give me your lunchboxes so I can clean out everything.  Where did this come from?  You need what by when?  Pick a shorter book.  We don't have time to read a 50 page book tonight before you go to bed.  Just dump the mail on the pile. 

Did you study your spell words for tomorrow's quiz?  What do you mean you cannot find your glasses?  Yes, you have to go to school today.  No, I'm not going to finish the Sunday paper -- just toss it.  Do we have to eat dinner tonight?  Can't we just skip it?   

Finally!  We survived another school week.  Get out of bed and get ready for school.  I didn't ask you if you wanted to get out of bed; I'm telling you to get moving.  We'll have leftovers for dinner.  Let's go through the mail pile.  Let's try to find the breakfast bar.  Has anyone fed the fish this week? 

Run errands.  Clean up and organize house.  Try to have some fun.

Get ready for a new week.  Finally relax from last week.  Go to bed and start all over again.


Marketing Mommy said...

I'm always amazed at how families with two working parents do it.

Julie K said...

Wow... at least you start off your week with a clean house and food in the fridge. If we don't do grocery shopping on the weekend (which is happening more often than not these days), then we're scraping bottom of the barrel for food until my next shot at going grocery shopping (usually Tue). It's Friday around here that the house is clean, we relax and go to bed early from exhaustion.