Saturday, September 4, 2010

Road Tripping with Oreo

We have family about two hours south of our home, and we try to visit about once a month.  We decided to see what kind of a traveller Oreo is, so he came with us today. 

Even though it was only a day trip, we packed a bunch of stuff.  It was like packing for a third child.  We kept his regular schedule of breakfast and a walk before loading us all in the mini-van.

He was quite content in the back of the van for most of the trip.  We stopped at a rest area along the way where he was able to get out and move around.  (I know it's only a two hour drive, but sometimes we just have to stop along the way.)  It was when we got back in the van that the fun began.

Oreo discovered that he could free himself from the back by forcing himself between the back seat and the side of the vehicle.  It was a tight squeeze, but he managed to make it half-way before getting stuck.  We made it to our family's home and got him out.

He spent a lovely day outside chasing butterflies and crickets.  He took a walk around a lake and went to a park.  It was quite the relaxing afternoon.

The trip home he decided to let us know exactly how he liked to travel.  The dog tried to get through the side again, but got stuck.  We had to pull over to the side of the expressway twice to get him back where he belonged.  After we thought we permanently solved the problem the second time, we drove off again.

This was where the dog decided he wasn't messing around anymore.  Oreo didn't bother to squeeze through the side.  This time he went right over the middle of the back seat and positioned himself between the girls car seats.  We debated pulling over again and moving him back, but he was so calm between the girls seats, that we left him there.

He spent the rest of the trip sleeping between them.  Every once in a while they would pet him and talk to him.  He'd respond by looking at them and then put his head back down.

We won't take another trip like that again.  Even though it worked out, it's not the way we want to travel with the dog.  I do think it's a good sign that he wanted to be with the girls.  Maybe this whole "getting used to each other" thing is moving along.

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