Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oreo at Home -- Day One

We brought Oreo home last night and most of it went well.  The shelter told us that he would probably be tired and slow since he was neutered that morning.  I don't know what dog they were talking about because ours acted like he just had a four hour nap.  He dragged me on a walk for more than a mile.  He played with the girls.  He paced around the house, taking in all the smells and sounds.  He definitely wasn't slow or tired.

His crate is currently in the girls' room, but that's being reconsidered.  I know part of it was that it was the first night, but the brunette twin refused to go to sleep until the dog was in her room.  He howled and tried to get out of the crate for a bit when we put him in there for the night.  In the morning, the girls popped out of bed as soon as I let him out.  In short, all three of them went to bed too late and woke up too early.  

The bigger problem is that we have to house train him all over again.  The shelter did say that dogs lose their training when they spend time in the shelter because they can eliminate right in their cages.  The shelter doesn't have enough staff to walk the dogs regularly, so most dogs don't leave their cages for the entire time they are in the shelter.  Even dogs that are house trained when they get to the shelter need to be retrained when they leave.

This morning Oreo and I had a standoff on the front porch.  I gave him lots of water and we hung out on the front porch until he went to the bathroom.  I was feeling pretty good about that until I came inside and he immediately did #2 (as we say).  It was in the same spot that he did it last night.  I think I have to go out and get some carpet cleaner to eliminate the smell.  Perhaps if it doesn't smell like his toilet, he won't go there.  

It's a process, and I get that.  I just need to figure out how to work out the timing so we can stop the indoor toilet time.  This is one of those moments when I wish we had a fenced in yard where I could leave him outside for a while.  Once he marks his territory outside, I think it will get better.  Until then, it's an exercise in patience.


LauraC said...

Jon volunteered at a no-kill animal shelter in Chicago and his job was just to walk the dogs. He would take them out for an hour each and you've never seen happier dogs! I wanted to take all of them home.

We'll rescue a dog eventually, right now we're just elated to be past potty training!

Julie K said...

Get a big jug of Vinegar... helps cut the odor so they don't go in the same spot.

Missy said...

nature's miracle. Totally eliminates the odor and the stain. We get it at Petsmart.