Tuesday, September 14, 2010

He's just a dog

The girls are having a hard time understand why Oreo doesn't think things through the way they do.  My new answer to everything is, "He's just a dog."  I find myself answering questions with this saying dozens of times a day.

The good news is the answer works for all the girls questions.  No matter what they want to know, it works.

*Why did Oreo pee in the hall?  He's just a dog and we're still training him. 

*Why did Oreo try to eat the dead bird?  He's just a dog.  They eat anything.

*Why did Oreo try to eat the blanket in his crate?  He's just a dog.  Maybe he was hungry or bored.  I don't know. 

*Why can't Oreo get his outdoor tie-out untangled from the tree?  He's just a dog.  He doesn't understand how it happened, so he cannot fix it.

*Why does Oreo chase squirrels?  He's just a dog.  He'll chase anything that runs.

*Does Oreo love us?  He's just a dog, but I think he does.

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Jacque said...

awwwww, that is so cute!