Friday, August 27, 2010

Karl is his name

The girls take everything Daddy says as THE WORD.  So, when they asked him what he wanted to name our new dog, he replied, "I like Karl."

Karl it is -- at least in the planning stages. 

When you ask the girls about our upcoming family addition, they say, "It's going to be a boy dog so that Daddy is not the only boy in the house anymore and we'll name him Karl."

Last night he tried to tell them we might not name the dog Karl, and that the girls could name the dog.  They wouldn't even think about changing the dog's name.  They were a bit upset that he wanted to change it. 

They take this very seriously.  Daddy just starts smiling or laughing quietly.  He might find it funny now, but he's going to end up with a dog named Karl.  After all, his word is the final word in this house.

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