Friday, August 6, 2010

It's only funny when it happens to him

You know how sometimes you can step back and look at something happening and laugh?  I had a chance to do it this morning.

Our girls are in Zoo Camp at Brookfield Zoo this week.  This is their third year in the camp and they LOVE it.  We have them in the morning session, so each morning we have to be at the Zoo at 9:00 a.m.

Today my wonderful husband took the day off.  The weather is nice, and it's the last day of Zoo Camp.  He decided it was a good day to see the "end of camp production."

This morning the girls woke up at the usual time and the race to get them ready started.  They dressed, brushed their hair, ate, flossed, brushed and slathered on sunscreen.  We covered them in bug spray, handed them their water bottles and pushed them out the door.

Of course, it didn't run that smoothly.  Daddy took control of the morning and things went just about the same way they do every morning.  The girls puttered about what to wear.  They negotiated their shoes like it was a matter of national security.  They tried on multiple hats to see which one was the cutest with today's outfit.  It's not that they were bad, they were just moving like they had all morning to relax. 

I just laughed.

Some days I think they just go through these things because they are with me.  It's always fun to watch them do the same thing to Daddy.  It reinforces that they are just six-year-olds getting ready to get out the door.  I'm not even part of the equation when it comes to how long it takes to get them out the door.

I really laughed when they had to come back because the girls forgot their pine cone name tag necklaces.  The brunette twin found hers right away.  The blond twin was in tears because she couldn't find hers.  While she was panicking, Daddy walked over and found it among on our breakfast bar.  She smiled, squealed and hugged him.  Daddy wasn't amused, but I found it funny.  I've seen that seen many times while trying to get them out the door to school.

Today I found it funny because it was happening to him.  In a few weeks, I won't find it so funny when I'm trying to get the out the door to the school bus.

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