Monday, August 9, 2010

I want to be mad at them

I really want to be mad at the girls.  They are having the kind of morning that makes me regret letting them go off their sleep schedule for even a night.  They are just a little clingy with me and a little too snappy with each other.  I want to put them back to bed.

The problem is they are being really cute at the same time.  I have them working on a few pages of "homework" since schools starts next week.  It's really just a few simple pages to get them back in the habit of writing words and spending a little time doing homework.  Normally it would take them about ten minutes to do it.

This morning the brunette twin doesn't want to cooperate at all. She's fighting me every step of the way.  Things like, "Remember to put an upper case letter when you start a sentence" are causing her to be near tears.

Just about when I decided it was time for her to go back to bed, the blond twin stepped in.  I told her to stop helping her sister as the brunette twin knows how to do the work.  The blond twin replied, "Mom, I'm her older sister.  It's my job to help her.  You always tell us to take care of each other, so I'm going to help her.  This is how I'm taking care of her today."

She was so cute and sure of herself when she said it.  I wanted to be mad at her, but I just smiled and kissed them both.  I am still mad that the girls are being difficult (even if most of the reason is my fault), yet I'm proud of the blond twin for standing up for her sister.  I do always tell them it's their job to take care of each other.  I only hope they continue to do so long after they master their homework assignments. 

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Rachel said...

We are going through the same thing here. I seriously thing the universe it out of whack or something.

Are they excited about school starting? C is.