Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Down to one

My husband and I went to the shelter last night with a list of seven possible dogs.  The shelter asked us to bring the dog's name and number so it would be easy to identify which cages to visit.  We found out that only three of the dogs we were interested in learning more about were available.  The others had already been adopted.  It was good for them, but bad for us, especially since our first two choices were no longer available.

We met the first two dogs and didn't feel like either was a really good fit.  One was better than the other, but neither seemed like our dog.  We asked about our third choice and wandered around while the shelter employee looked for more information.  It was overwhelming.  The noise, smell, bright lights, cinder blocks and metal cages were really depressing.

We were looking for our fourth choice when we found a beautiful, black and white, blue-eyed Huskey.  He is about a year old and just beautiful.  When our third choice was "MIA" as the shelter employee said, we immediately asked to see the Huskey.  He wasn't on our initial list, but there was something about him that drew us in.

He was very friendly with us.  The shelter doesn't know a lot about him as he is an unclaimed stray.  He seemed to listen to a few basic commands.  Within a few minutes, he plopped down under the bench by my legs.  I was in love. 

My husband, on the other hand, needed a little convincing.  It wasn't about the dog.  He's clearly a good dog.  It was the shedding.  Huskies are hairy -- really hairy.  It will take a bit of work to keep the hair under control.  I went out this morning and bought a "Shedzilla professional de-shedding tool."  I'm sure we'll use it a lot, starting with the day we bring the dog home.

Today I'm going to take the girls to meet the dog.  We have a hold on him, but we have to finalize the adoption today or someone else will have the opportunity.  I am a bit nervous about taking the girls.  Last night after we came home, my husband and I both needed to go to bed early.  It was exhausting and we're adults.  I hope the visit won't overwhelm the girls so much that they lose sight of the importance of meeting the dog.  I know it's my job to keep them on track, but I had a really hard time staying on track last night.  It makes me glad we're only taking them there once for the final visit.

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