Thursday, August 26, 2010

A dog fact-finding mission

We're going to adopt our dog from a local animal shelter.  Yesterday I decided to visit so we could figure out the process before taking the girls there.  I'm really glad I did.

I walked out overwhelmed and sad.  The shelter is large, and it's filled.  When I walked in there were small animals (kittens, bunnies, etc.) stacked throughout the lobby.  The smell made my stomach turn.  The constant animal noises didn't even make the employees' heads turn.   

There was one desk just for people relinquishing their animals and dropping off "found" or hurt animals.  It was open all day.  Another desk was just for adoptions.  It was open fewer hours.  I guess more people want to relinquish their animals than adopt pets. 

I found the information I needed, but didn't feel good about it.  I felt like I needed a bit of time to process the reality of how many animals need homes.

The people who work in such shelters really must believe in their mission and love animals.  I was in awe of the staff when I left.

I'm glad I did the advance work on the shelter.  We're better prepared to explain what is going to happen to the girls, and I have a bit of time to figure out how to help them when they actually see the shelter.


Julie K said...

As a family with 3 rescue dogs, I'd recommend you so some pre-scouting trips to identify an appropriate dog (unless you're prepared to do multiple visits with the girls). You may not find a dog that fits your family on the first visit to a shelter (and may need to visit a few shelters). Shelters will often hold a dog you're interested in until you can bring the girls in. It is heartbreaking to see how many animals are landing in the shelters (especially the numbers of cats) and although we can't take in another dog, we do donate to our local shelter. I don't know of any shelter that can't use donations (of money, food, old blankets, towels, etc). Our local shelter has a list online of things that would help them care for the animals. I actually got rid of old baby bottles & nipples which they use to feed baby animals). You'd be surprised what they can use (and what you can clean out of your house)!

Jacque said...

awwwww. I wish I could take them all! We have 4 that have been unwanted and adopted from friends, shelters, and one from a farm. Darling pets...that no one wanted. Hope you find a life long friend!