Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Grown Up Decisions

Overheard at our house...

Brunette Twin: "I think I want to get a motorcycle when I get older.  I like them.  It would be fun to ride a motorcycle."

Mom:  "Really?  We'll talk about it when you're older."

Brunette Twin:  "I'm going to wait until I'm a grown-up to get one that way I won't have to talk to you about it.  I know you'll say I can't get one so I'll just wait until I can make all my own decisions to get one."

Mom:  "Really?  How old do you have to be before you can make all your decisions yourself?"

Brunette Twin:  "I have to be a grown-up.  I can do whatever I want then.  I won't have to talk to you about it."

Mom:  "Okay, let me know when you think you're a grown up."


Nicki said...

LOL! I remember thinking that when I was a kid! Little does she know, the older she gets, the more she's going to WANT to ask your advice and "permission" when she's making big decisions!
By the way, one of my blogs, Dupage Kids On The Go, is moving to ChicagoNow's blog panel. You can find me there now at ! I hope to see you there!

Rachel said...

Love it! And to think it will be in a blink of an eye when they are grown up. The days just keep going by quicker and quicker.