Monday, August 23, 2010

Change of Heart

A year ago the brunette twin spent every morning trying to talk me into driving her to school.  She really, really did not want to take the bus.  She spent every evening trying to convince me that driving her to school was the best thing for everyone.

Last week the girls decided to stand up on the bus while it was moving.  They didn't listen to the bus driver when he told them to sit down.  He did tell me about it when I met them at the bus stop.  He has a zero tolerance policy that I respect.  If you are messing around on the bus, you will get in trouble.  There are no second chances with him.  He will not let you do anything dangerous on the bus. 

This morning as we walked to the bus, I reminded the girls that if I heard about any more trouble on the bus, I would start driving them to school.  The blond twin promised to be good.  The brunette twin was nearly in tears. She started explaining how much she likes taking the bus and how she would never be bad on the bus again.

A year ago I would not have used driving them to school as a threat.  Knowing that the brunette twin likes taking the bus now made it a threat worth using -- especially since I really dislike driving them to school.

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