Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Getting ready for our new arrival...

You know how women report nesting before they have a baby?  I think I'm going through that, even though we're not having another child.  We've been talking about getting a dog for a while now.  It looks like that is going to happen some time before Labor Day.

In preparation for this family event, we've been talking about the dog non-stop.  We talk about how to take care of the dog.  We talk about how the dog will change our days.  We talk about what would have to happen at a specific time if we had a dog.  Just this morning as the girls asked to play before breakfast I said, "If we had a dog, you'd have to take it outside right now." 

At breakfast, the blond twin made a list of items we need for the dog ranging from dog food to a blanket for the cage bottom.  The brunette twin talked about all our options for a veterinarian.  It turns out she's been paying attention.  She gave me a list of three local veterinarian offices we pass regularly.  I wasn't paying attention, but she was.  When she gave me the list, I realized she was right.  I recognized the buildings from her descriptions.

I've been trying to clean out some stuff so we have room for dog food, toys, etc.  I've been thinking about times during my day when I'd be able to stop working and take the dog for a walk if the weather is bad.  If the weather is good, I have been thinking about when I can take my laptop outside and work on the patio so the dog can play outside.  When we were out bike riding last week, I noticed a lot of people walking their dogs on the path. 

Right now I have the girls' baby quilts spread on our living room and family room floors.  I've been saving old shirts since they were infants.  I cut out the designs and put them in a box.  I figured once I had enough, I would make quilts.  Last winter I did put the top to the blond twin's quilt together.  It needed a few more pieces to be truly big enough to be called a twin-sized bed quilt, so I put it back.  I never did much work with the brunette twin's quilt top though.  The other day I realized that if I wanted to spread out the quilt pieces on the floor, I'd better get moving.  It's my quilting style.  I put the pieces on the floor and look at them for a day or two.  I rearrange them, sometimes two or three times. 

Now I'm ready to sew the top pieces together.  It's the last big project before our new family member arrives.  When they say adding a dog is just like adding a child, they are right.  At least for me anyway.


Julie K said...

You’ll never have to clean crumbs off your floors again! Suggestion... get a hybrid dog or one that doesn't shed (or you'll be vaccuming several times a week). Dogs are also trip hazards. Each has it’s own personality… our newest addition likes to eat things out of the bathroom garbage cans. I went and got those garbage cans with lids. It didn’t take him long to learn to push the pedal to eat stuff out of the garbage can. We now turn the cans around so the pedal isn’t so accessible. Just one of the little accommodations we make for a lot of licks and lovin’. Enjoy.

LauraC said...

I'll be interested to follow this journey as we want a dog someday!

Wendy said...

From someone who has had many, many dogs in her life---do not be afraid of crate training/kennel training. Kenneling a dog for overnights or for when they're going home alone may seem harsh but is a kindness to the dog in the long run. Heap on the praise and give a small bone when they go into the crate, and heap on the praise as you lead them outside when they come out. The kennel gives the dog it's on safe place--it's own 'room' if you will. All our dogs that were kennel trained would return on their own to their kennels for naps or if they were worn out. One even went in when she did something naughty (think of a kid sending themself to their room)!