Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Once a Twin, Always a Twin

I've often described the blond twin as a high maintenance child.  It's not that she's bratty or mean, like the stereotypical high maintenance child.  She's actually quite sweet and nurturing. 

It's that she cannot get enough attention or be involved enough in what is going on.  Having a party?  She's your helper girl. Watching TV?  She's not sitting next to you.  She's sitting on your lap.  She loves the physical closeness and attention.  She loves to spend time and dote on her sister.  In turn, her sister loves to play with her and let the blond twin be her "lady in waiting."

Somehow I forgot about this in my happiness that the girls are in different summer camp classes.  Yet knowing this, I shouldn't have been surprised that the blond twin found a twin at camp.  Even though she's in separate classes from her sister, she found another blue-eyed, blond haired girl to be her buddy.  This little girl actually looks like the blond twin, unlike her real twin.  As a bonus, this little girl is in all three of the blond twin's classes.  The two of them get to walk the halls together and spend all their time together in class.  Today the blond twin said, "I helped her use her scissors."  It's a love match.

Yesterday when they came home, I discovered that the blond twin introduced her camp twin to her sister.  It turns out her sister likes the camp twin, so it's okay.  The brunette twin is not the least bit jealous that her sister has a camp twin.

The brunette twin seems to like her independence.  She made friends, but hasn't latched on to a single girl the way the blond twin did.  She's perfectly happy to have a little space until she gets to reconnect with her twin. 

It's another interesting development in the dynamics between our girls.  It's not that the twin bond is transferable.  The blond twin won't make that connection with the new girl.  I think she just really, really likes to be a twin.  If she cannot be with her real twin, she'll find a surrogate.

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