Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just Go Outside

The girls are in the midst of a busy summer play date schedule.  They have friends over all the time.  I like having their friends over, especially since I'm home all day working anyway.  It's easy for me to add one more friend to the mix.  It keeps the girls busy and they like it.

What drives me crazy is they want to stay in the playroom where all the dolls and toys draw them in.  It's summer.  Why can't I get them out the door?

If we pack up the bikes, they will ride. They do love to be in a pool.  They will go outside for a bit here and there to play in our backyard.  Sometimes they will get into a game and stay outside for quite a while.  Eventually, though, they end up back in the playroom. 

It's the problem of youth, isn't it?  The girls don't appreciate their ability to play outside for as long as they want on warm summer days.  Adults, like me, would give anything to have that freedom.

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