Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Her Best Teacher

The blond twin took to reading like a personal quest.  She wanted to learn to read and practiced as much as possible.  She sounds out words and seeks opportunities to learn words.  She reads to anyone, anywhere.

The brunette twin has been a bit more tentative.  She wanted to learn to read, but she is embarrassed when she mispronounces a word.  She would rather not make the mistake, even though she talked about learning to read.  She doesn't like to read out loud to us yet. 

We often find that the girls are each other's best teachers.  They work together to learn something, and find strength in working together.

Some day we will talk about how we taught the girls to read, but if we tell the whole story, we'll talk about how the blond twin really taught her sister to read. 

Many days I'll find the girls snuggling together in the playroom reading books to each other.  The blond twin reads a book, and then the brunette twin reads a book.  I hear the blond twin helping her sister sound out words.  Some days the blond twin works on puzzles and the brunette twin reads her stories.  Other days they stretch out side by side, reading alternate pages until they reach the end of the book.

I was a little worried that the brunette twin might resent her sister for knowing all the words or the blond twin might lord over her sister because the blond twin was the stronger reader. 

I didn't have to worry.  It all works.  The brunette twin gains confidence in her reading skills.  The blond twin gets to be the teacher/big sister.  They strengthen their twin bond by playing their roles perfectly, helping each other in a sweet, loving way.   

It makes me happy when they do little things like read to each other.  Too often people compare twins in negative ways.  I hear a lot of stories from adult twins about how they were always in competition with their twin.  We work hard to make sure the girls are not in competition with each other all the time.  This is one of those moments when I hope we've set a foundation they can build on in the future.  Nothing would make me happier than knowing they will always be there to help each other.


Rachel said...

This is great! What a wonderful thing to see happen between the two.

Nicki said...

That is so sweet! It is especially great that they are both reading for fun. Kids are way more likely to learn to read well if they think it is enjoyable, instead of just being something their parents or teachers force them to do!